Scope of Work

Areas of Renovation
Of the schools chosen, different schools had different issues that the Rotary had to contend with. While some lacked a proper building, there were some that lacked proper sanitation facilities. There were some without any furniture and some others without proper facilities for a noon meal kitchen. The areas of renovation for each school were broadly categorized under the following heads:
• Repair or replaster the classroom floors and other floors
• Repair or replaster the building walls all around
• Provide lintels and sunshades wherever necessary
• Construct compound wall with good gate
• Level or fill the ground to avoid water logging
• Repair roof leaks and provide weathering course wherever required
• Whitewash the entire building Toilets
• Repair/reconstruct wherever required
• Construct new ones if they are not available
• Provide tiles in urinal areas for easy cleaning
• Provide water and water taps to ensure regular cleaning
• Provide proper doors with locking facilities

Water Facilities

• Clean up or dig up well
• Provide overhead tank with outlets in toilet, outside for hand wash at noon meal centre
• Provide pump with motor
• Provide separate Sintex tank for drinking water
• Provide rainwater harvesting facility

Noon Meal Kitchen
• Repair or replaster flooring and walls
• Provide smoke exit chimney or fan
• Construct platform for cooking and storing
• Provide proper cooking utensils
• Provide gas connection with stove

Play Equipment
• Make the best use of available equipment
• Repair, repaint and install equipment
• Buy new ones if not available and fix them in suitable place

• Benches
• Teaching aids
• Tables and chairs for teachers
• Lighting facilities

Role of the District Committee
The District Committee would aid the project in the following ways:
• Identify the supplier for bricks, cement, tiles, Cudappah tiles, toilet gadgets, plumbing material, etc. of reasonable quality at the lowest prices
• Recommend contractors if any club needs them
• Harness the collective efforts of the Rotary Community Corps, Inner Wheel members, Rotaractors and Interactors